Why shouldn’t growing a business be a fulfilling life changing experience?

Florescence was established in 2022 for that purpose, turning growth and success into a multi-dimensional experience. With a blend of strategy and coaching and a team of experts to draw from, Florescence provides you with the insights, gateways, connections and tools to realise your ambitions.

Def. Florescence
The process of developing richly and fully – blooming

"Self reflection leads to brand reflection as a natural consequence...If you think of your brand as a person, you see that it too has a life of its own. Its essence and story need to evolve in the same organic way that you question and evolve yourself. With this kind of dedicated awareness your brand (and profit) will become a healthy and self sustaining force for good in the world."

Stacey Davidson—Founder of Florescence


Logic does not produce magic. The magic comes first.

Florescence is practiced in the art of illuminating where that magic is for each client. Stacey’s unique skills are strengthened by her training and global experience as a trusted business strategist, coach, mentor and director. Transformative dialogue is integral to the creative process, leading to breakthroughs and the full picture coming together. Then logic enables the action plan, bringing it all together to realise your vision.


Doing business differently is a timely necessity.

The evolution of business to meet the times has been talked about for decades – but few have changed their paradigms. Florescence has. Our kaupapa is to be the people behind the people whose ideas change the world.

Many leaders and entrepreneurs feel the need for meaningful change in their bones. Their desire to succeed is melded with the desire to build organisations that make a positive difference.

Meet The Founder.

Florescence is the culmination of Stacey’s Davidson’s 30+ years immersed in the world of business and personal transformation. She has trained, certified and held roles in strategy, governance, general management, training, coaching and mentoring, customer centric culture transformation, and change management. She is a strategist whose superpower is seeing the opportunity in your big idea and translating that into something beautiful. 

Our Partners

We work closely with the amazing humans behind these agencies, harnessing their superpowers to bring new life to your brand.

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