Architect - CSA Architect

The unique multidimensional way in which Charissa works meant wrapping words around her process was a challenge.  Any previous attempt to do so seemed to diminish it. It was time for Charissa to bring all of the aspects of her work together and attract projects aligned to her unique architectural approach. Together we anchored the magnificence of all that she is and does into her commercial blueprint wrapping the words around to strategically position her in the architectural world true to who she is and what she does.

“The clarity and depth of understanding that I gained in actualising my process with Stacey was profound and life-changing in how I now work. She helped me step up into the potential I always knew existed but was unable to reach on my own. I hold such deep gratitude to Stacey in helping enable me to access my authentic me more deeply than ever before. ”

CHARISSA Snijders, Architect - CSA Architect