DR ALLAN Whitehead

Director - EMUGs

The unique nature that makes EMUGs special is its highly collaborative volunteer led ecosystem. To leverage its impact yet remain agile and streamlined as a not for profit organisation, meant the strategy, management philosophy and approach needed to be innovative and fit for purpose. This enabled us to weather the COVID storm and its impacts on our event based organisation relying on the very stretched Emergency Medicine community.

“I have worked with Stacey guiding a Not-for-Profit organisation for over 5 years. I can safely say that without her expertise, drive and wise counsel, the organisation would not have made such great strides with growing awareness, community involvement, and finding a solid financial footing. We have confidence in our future and where we are heading thanks to Stacey who was responsible for keeping everyone on track. If I was to have my own business, I would absolutely want her running it.”

DR ALLAN Whitehead, Director - EMUGs